Plaid + Stripes


It's 50 degrees in February. Should I be concerned? 

Even though this weather is strange, I took advantage of the sun peeking out of the clouds and decided to snap some pics with my new tripod. Woo hoo! 

This actually wasn't the first outfit I put on today. I initially put on a cute (but short) little dress, but after twirling around in the mirror for longer than I care to admit, I decided to change. I'm glad I did, because although the temperature is higher than it has been these last few days, it was still a little nippy.

This outfit just kinda happened, lol. I wanted to be cozy, but not too layered up with a sweater and scarf. I paired my pink striped button-up with my plaid vest, and just threw on some jeans. Like I've stated before, the main thing to remember when mixing prints is just trying to find hues that can mesh well together! 

My top has light pink, mauve and white stripes on it, while the vest has pink, red and navy blue. The pink and reds obviously go together, but the splash of blue adds a little but more excitement to the whole outfit. I wanted to keep the look soft, so I went with a light wash denim as opposed to a mid or dark wash. 

I'll be wearing flats for the remainder of the day, but for the sake of the pictures, I put on a heel. Overall, I like how this came together! It's perfect for a trip to the mall...which is where I'm about to go, lol.

Once I get my room repainted and re-situated, I'm going to start trying to do videos to show you guys how I tackle different style trends! If there's anything in particular that you'd like to see, leave me a message in the comment section under this post or fill out the form on the Contact page! 

Now, I'm off to go find something to wear for my interview tomorrow. See ya!

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Old Navy (link is to an alternative) // Vest: Hazel

Jeans: Target (link is to an alternative) // Booties: Sam & Libby

Purse: Gifted to me. Here's an alternative.