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who is the damsel, you ask?

Hey, y'all! I'm Evann.

I'm a graduate of Michigan State University (GO GREEN!), with degrees in journalism and apparel & textiles...which really is just a fancy way of saying fashion design. I'm a native of Detroit, and unlike most of my peers looking to make it in the fashion industry, I'm not trying to chase after the glitz & glamour that is New York City. I love where I'm from, and I want to do things on my own terms. For years, I've been preaching to my close friends about how I want to create a stronger fashion scene in Detroit. And now that I'm out of school, I'm going to do just that! I like to say that I'm "well dressed and highly determined," and as you continue to read my posts (which I hope you do), you'll see that I like to work hard but slay even harder.

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