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When the going gets tough, you just gotta take a trench coat and turn it into a dress. Sounds odd, right? I know, but desperate times call for innovative measures!

Saturday was such a busy day, I went to work then rushed to a bridal shower right after! I can't remember the last time I had been to a bridal shower (or if I had ever been to one) before this one, but I know one thing was for sure: I had no clue on what to wear.

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What Would Michelle Obama Wear?

Adulting can be hard. Can I just go back to kindergarten when my only worries were catching the latest episode of Blue's Clues and playing dress up?

I had an interview today at General Motors (GM) for a Digital Chat Advisor position. My past few interviews have been for retail jobs, so of course I was able to dress more trendy. Obviously today was a change of pace, so I had to put my professional face on.

Whenever I have to get dressed up, I usually think, WWMOW. What Would Michelle Obama Wear? The First Lady always looks so classy and put-together, so I try to channel her poise and confidence with my dressier 'fits. Now while my look may not have cost nearly as much as hers, I think it was a pretty good adaptation!

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