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All in all, my party was absolutely magical. I was in great company, my decorations looked beautiful, everyone loved the food (I'm getting better in the kitchen, y'all), my playlist was poppin', and for the first time in some weeks, I felt at ease. Being surrounded by people that love you unconditionally truly does something to the spirit. For days, I kept staring at pictures and videos from the evening because I couldn't believe how wonderfully everything turned out!

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I turned 24 on July 1. As I stated in my last post, I usually host a birthday dinner with my friends to celebrate me turning a year older. But this year I wanted to switch things up. Not only did I have afternoon tea with my girls to celebrate my big day, but I also took a trip to New Orleans for the Essence Festival with one of my besties, Bailey.

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A Family Affair

My dad turned 60 this September, guys. SIXTY. I don't know why that's so hard for me to believe! I don't tell him this very often, but my daddy is pretty great. He's probably the most selfless person that I know. He's always helping out other people, and is always on the move, even when he's only running off of a few hours of sleep.

Since he does so much for everyone, it was only right that we threw him a big party to celebrate this milestone! Earlier this month, family and friends gathered at the North Rosedale Community Center for a night of dinner, dancing and fellowship. We all had a ball!

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