#BeeTheChange (feat. Nicole Lindsey)

Evann sits down with Nicole Lindsey, co-founder of Detroit Hives, to talk all about the importance of honeybees! When Nicole learned about the declination of the bee population, she knew she had to do something. Since January 2017, Nicole has served as an educator and beekeeper who is devoted to altering negative stigmas about honeybees and informing others of the crucial roles that bees play, as well as their importance to the environment.

Detroit Hives has 9 locations and 35 beehives in Detroit. They’ve hosted hundreds of tours via Airbnb Experiences and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. It’s evident that Nicole is passionate about what she’s doing in the community; her knowledge about bees is astounding and it all seems to come to her so effortlessly.

You’re going to learn a ton during this episode – like what you can do to cultivate a more bee-friendly home, why female bees are the real MVPs and the differences between raw versus pasteurized honey – so get your Notes app ready!

Be sure to follow Detroit Hives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, check out their website at www.detroithives.com, and book a tour through Airbnb Experiences!

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