We Are One (feat. Jamie Wadsworth)

This week, Evann sits down with her good friend Jamie Wadsworth, who is the founder of One Fragrance Co. One Fragrance Co. is a gender neutral fragrance line created for everybody and every body. Jamie started her company last year after wanting to wear men’s cologne, but hesitated out of fear that people would think the scent was too “manly” for her. She decided it was time for a change, and released her first fragrance, “Enigma,” a light, refreshing, citrusy scent, in fall 2018.

Although Jamie is an entrepreneur, she didn’t go to school with the intention of becoming one. She has a Bachelors in Human Development & Family Studies from Bowling Green State University, and initially wanted to become a teacher of some sort. Fast-forward to today, and Jamie is working toward merging her two passions: public service and entrepreneurship, in order to create a facility that will help people, specifically women, become their best selves.

Take a listen and learn more about how Jamie started One Fragrance Co., why she’s so passionate about serving people in underrepresented communities, and what she has planned next.

Be sure to follow her on social at @jamienwads and @onefragranceco, and shop her products online at www.onefragranceco.com!