What's Yo' Zodiac Sign? (feat. Karlyta Williams)

Evann sits down with astrology expert and entrepreneur Karlyta Williams to talk all about zodiac signs, birth charting, her business, Sage & Soma, and what it really means when Mercury is in retrograde. Karlyta became interested in the inner workings of people early on in life, and took a dive into her first birth chart at the age of 12. Today, she works as a “journey coach,” where she helps clients get to know themselves better through their birth charts and therapeutic exercises.

When she’s not busy charting, Karlyta runs her business, Sage & Soma, which is dedicated to providing products and accessories that enhance the mind, body and home. She hand-makes candles, facial cleansers and oils that help improve people’s energy and the spaces they occupy.

Be sure to follow Karlyta on social at @leetweet317 and @sageandsoma, and visit her website at www.sageandsoma.com!